Amras & Friends – Hypothetical Brainstorming

June 14th, 2014


1. Amras vs Skyhighatrist – Rakish Stigma (157 bpm)

2. Amras vs Niria – Is Everything Ok? (160 bpm)

3. Amras vs Killawatt – Contact Problem (165 bpm)

4. Amras vs Organoise – Advanced Interaction (165 bpm)

5. Amras vs Loose Connection – Nebula (170 bpm)

6. Amras vs Selective Mood – Molecular Limit (181 bpm)

7. Amras vs Fright Rate – Confronting Machines (182 bpm)

8. Amras vs Audiopathik – Marca La Postura (183 bpm)

9. Amras vs Extraterrestrial – Got it (184 bpm)

10. Amras vs Akés – Black Widow (190 bpm)

After achieving what was planned, Miguel a.k.a Amras will be debuting his second album release. But this time, with a different fashion, on Lunatic Alien Records. He has been working hard on a special mix of styles, with respectable and top notch artists in the psychedelic scene today that have a much different blend of styles. These different styles and sounds have ended up as a mixture of noises that will truly present a psychedelic journey into the future. The aim of making this versus Album release, is to explore into uncharted territory both far and beyond the usual sound barriers. Also, this is the opportunity to see the unity between these psychedelic brain bending, mind altering performers, the unity that leaves us all wanting more from these suspects.
This Versus album will be a bombardment of Beats per minute in a way that there is something for all the listeners. These 10 pieces of art will show you the real deal of the psychedelic tech aspect, of the music we love.

released 13 June 2014
Artwork by Jay Niria
Mastered by Akés
Released by Lunatic Alien Records