Psy-Mela presents Hallucinogenic Frequencies 10/11/12 London

April 5th, 2012

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10th November 2012


—/\/\/\— Hallucinogenic Frequencies —/\/\/\–

Main room

(Wildthings Records)

*LIVE* Reality Grid
(Wildthings Records)

*LIVE* Loose Connection
(Catawampus Records / Free Radical Records)

*LIVE* Dirty Saffi
(Bom Shanka Music)

*LIVE* Ataro
(Free Radical Records / Damaru Records)

*LIVE* Disintegrated Circuits
(5th Element / Lunatic Alien Records)

*LIVE* Apollyon
(Lunatic Alien Records)

*DJ* Nuky
(Bom Shanka Music)

*DJ* Psyc0de
(Woodog Records)

*DJ* Lloyd Positivist
(Damaru Records)

2nd room

*LIVE* Champa
(Y.S.E Records)

*LIVE* Outer Space Creations
(5th Element)

*LIVE* Kursa
(Caliber Music, Adapted Records, Wonkay Records, Azlan Entertainment)

*LIVE* Clim8shift
(Climactic Records)

*DJ* Liquid Ross
(Liquid Records)

*DJ* Sprocket
(Occulta Records)

*DJ* Hugo Nation
(24/7 Records)

*DJ* Psyklone

*DJ* Nahoj

Sound by Shindig Opus

Location – Colosseum Complex, Nine Elms Lane, London

More info to come 🙂