August 18th, 2012

Aleks aka Zohhāk’s first encounter with the psychedelic movement started soon after moving from Portugal to London in 1998, and was invited to a party at the Drome in London Bridge.
His interest for psychedelic trance developed into mixing for friends at private parties.
He had his first Club gig in 2005 after meeting Plastic Vision – South Africa.
His interest started to appeal in a different way in 2008 when he met Jannie aka Gamba from South Africa and in conjunction they started the Project 3Phazik, both immersed in the studio mainly focusing this project on thumping and fast dark trance.
These days his styles vary but swathe mainly Hi Tech, Dark and Twisted Forest Psychedelic trance mixed with his own loops with a massive influence from 3Phazik`s Project.