Lloyd Positivist

June 13th, 2012

Lloyd Positivist is a night time / hi tech psychedelic trance DJ who has a deep love for cutting edge psy and a very dim view of formulaic music. He started DJing out at parties back in 2007, landed his first residency at Messmedia and then started playing at all of the UKs top nights, after a while Lloyd co-founded Chaos Theory – a psy trance party held in Swansea which would be the home of DJs such as Psyder and Oddity who would eventually go on to become Loose Connection.

A few years later he was delighted to be asked by DJs Mitra & Ignis to join his beloved Damaru Records based in Hamburg, play at the Juice Bar and be given the opportunity of compiling his own V/A.

Also around this time, Lloyd became a resident DJ at Spangle, which is easily the UKs filthiest night psy party where he plays on a bi-monthly basis to this day.

More recently, in addition to Damaru, Lloyd has joined several new labels – Fantazy Records working alongside amazing acts such as Freq 36, Le Druide, Parandroid & Metaform; Hellchedelic Records working alongside Akes, Mimic Vat, NekroFry & Sykofobi; Woo Dog Recordings working alongside Monad & Psycode and Lunatic Alien Records working alongside Sonic Reaction, Disintegrated Circuits & Apollyon.

Lloyd is available for bookings, would like to play as many places around the world as if humanly possible and will most likely be coming to a party near you soon to play night time psy ranging from the deep and atmospheric to downright filthy hi tech.