August 28th, 2012

HArSH plays a mix of hi tech / dark psychedelic and night time music.   His love for music and heavy beats started when he played the drums in a rock band during his teens.  The very first psychedelic sound he heard was in 2006 when he was in his hometown of Mumbai and from that point he never looked back!!  After moving to London in 2008, he discovered the underground party scene and has been a part of the psychedelic movement ever since.

The music he plays is energetic, with pumping baselines and psychedelic, mind twisting samples.  On the groovier side, his mixes are influenced by artists such as EVP, Harmonic Rebel and Neutral Motion.  He played for the first time in London in 2011 alongside acts such as Bombax, DeepBrian Frombosis, Papiyan, Whrikk and Disintegrated Circuits.  Later that year he returned to India where he played in Goa and more recently he has played alongside Dirty Saffi and Psymmetrix back in London.

His aim is to maintain a happy, powerful and confused vibe on the dance floor and he will continue to share and expand his unique taste in music now that he’s a Lunatic Alien!!!