Fractal Mind

January 27th, 2014

Fractal Mind is the project of Jack Jordan, started in 2013.

Jack’s first exposure to psychedelic music was at the age of 11, when he discovered by random a Goa head CD. However he was not fully exposed to the scene until 2012 when he was given his first true taste of Psytrance at a warehouse party. The heavy beats and incredible atmosphere left him hooked and he quickly became obsessed with the music and the scene as a whole. Jack had been studying classical music and attending music school from a young age, however he now had a serious desire to play out some killer tunes to some crazy people.

Fractal Mind played his first Psychedelic trance set in March 2013, and hasn’t stopped learning, developing and playing since! Not long after, he found the style of Psy that captivated him the most – in deep, fast and psychedelic Hitech – with glitchy synths, bouncy drilling bass lines and pumping full power blasting sounds to take you to another dimension entirely. He has since played alongside the likes of Ak├ęs, Apollyon, Loose Connection, Amras, Mad Scientist, Lloyd Positivist, RaDiCe and many more!
Fractal Mind takes inspiration from many places; space, science, life, love, LSD, film, literature, history, politics, future, utopia/dystopia, old school and new. He is also inspired by a wide range of other musical genres, from Hip-hop to Hardcore, Beethoven to Bassline, Death Metal to Dubstep and more! Fractal Mind is a mix of crazy ideas, psychedelic sounds and divine frequencies that are designed to mess with your mind, put a smile on your face and put a beat in your body.