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Fractal Mind

January 27th, 2014

Fractal Mind is the project of Jack Jordan, started in 2013.

Jack’s first exposure to psychedelic music was at the age of 11, when he discovered by random a Goa head CD. However he was not fully exposed to the scene until 2012 when he was given his first true taste of Psytrance at a warehouse party. The heavy beats and incredible atmosphere left him hooked and he quickly became obsessed with the music and the scene as a whole. Jack had been studying classical music and attending music school from a young age, however he now had a serious desire to play out some killer tunes to some crazy people.

Fractal Mind played his first Psychedelic trance set in March 2013, and hasn’t stopped learning, developing and playing since! Not long after, he found the style of Psy that captivated him the most – in deep, fast and psychedelic Hitech – with glitchy synths, bouncy drilling bass lines and pumping full power blasting sounds to take you to another dimension entirely. He has since played alongside the likes of Akés, Apollyon, Loose Connection, Amras, Mad Scientist, Lloyd Positivist, RaDiCe and many more!
Fractal Mind takes inspiration from many places; space, science, life, love, LSD, film, literature, history, politics, future, utopia/dystopia, old school and new. He is also inspired by a wide range of other musical genres, from Hip-hop to Hardcore, Beethoven to Bassline, Death Metal to Dubstep and more! Fractal Mind is a mix of crazy ideas, psychedelic sounds and divine frequencies that are designed to mess with your mind, put a smile on your face and put a beat in your body.



January 27th, 2014

Valerio Campodonico, from Italy, is the name behind Mundungus project. His passion started in 2010, when he went in his first Italian party. In 2011, after his experience in London, and after lots of national and international parties and festivals, he started mixing darkpsy & hi-tech. His style has evolved over time, now he plays darkpsy and hi-tech with experimental sound and powerfull basslines for night and day time, full of futuristic noises and crazy melodies . Since 2011, he’s shares the stage with killer Italian & internation artists such as : Radice, Aztec Dosage, Spore, Instinct Wave, Shamanik Project, Eniko Nutria Dance and many more.



October 13th, 2013

Plazma, Abdul Karam is a London based DJ originaly from Casablanca, Morocco. His story with psychedelic music started in 2004 on his 17th birthday when he attended his first psy party. Since then, his interest and passion for psychedelic music kept growing bigger and bigger. In 2006 plazma moved to London, a city that always has been well known for its psyscene. After years of attending many parties and festivals, in 2010 he started mixing. His style is dark psychedelic, energtic, trippy sounds and powerfull drives, also some forest & high tech. He’s been playing frequently in London and has had opportunities to play with the best psy artists in the scene.



January 23rd, 2013

Wim DS a.k.a. Helloki is the rising star of Belgium’s newest generation of dark psychedelic night trance dj’s & producers …
He discovered psytrance in 2005, and is into dark psychedelic night trance since 2006, he instantly loved and felt the music and started dj-ing
dark psychedelic & forestpsychedelic in 2009 … He’s currently rising to join the best darkpsy DJ’s in belgium and will make some noise in the future for sure !!! In 2010 he co-founded Arcade Disfunction Records and is a member of the Madness Development crew from his friend Yuu Rei, Warromaja crew from Ferratek and thanks to Murukhan the Hippyflip crew … Keep an ear open for this one!




August 28th, 2012

HArSH plays a mix of hi tech / dark psychedelic and night time music.   His love for music and heavy beats started when he played the drums in a rock band during his teens.  The very first psychedelic sound he heard was in 2006 when he was in his hometown of Mumbai and from that point he never looked back!!  After moving to London in 2008, he discovered the underground party scene and has been a part of the psychedelic movement ever since.

The music he plays is energetic, with pumping baselines and psychedelic, mind twisting samples.  On the groovier side, his mixes are influenced by artists such as EVP, Harmonic Rebel and Neutral Motion.  He played for the first time in London in 2011 alongside acts such as Bombax, DeepBrian Frombosis, Papiyan, Whrikk and Disintegrated Circuits.  Later that year he returned to India where he played in Goa and more recently he has played alongside Dirty Saffi and Psymmetrix back in London.

His aim is to maintain a happy, powerful and confused vibe on the dance floor and he will continue to share and expand his unique taste in music now that he’s a Lunatic Alien!!!



August 18th, 2012

Aleks aka Zohhāk’s first encounter with the psychedelic movement started soon after moving from Portugal to London in 1998, and was invited to a party at the Drome in London Bridge.
His interest for psychedelic trance developed into mixing for friends at private parties.
He had his first Club gig in 2005 after meeting Plastic Vision – South Africa.
His interest started to appeal in a different way in 2008 when he met Jannie aka Gamba from South Africa and in conjunction they started the Project 3Phazik, both immersed in the studio mainly focusing this project on thumping and fast dark trance.
These days his styles vary but swathe mainly Hi Tech, Dark and Twisted Forest Psychedelic trance mixed with his own loops with a massive influence from 3Phazik`s Project.



June 16th, 2012

Sir Bellzeboo based in London has been playing on the Psytrance scene since the 90s! His beginnings were with DreamLab and Ecliptica in Lisbon, Portugal. Since moving to London he’s played for BrainDamageRadio, Mystik systems, AuralPhonix, Itzama Crew, Psy-Mela and also WuWuzel/Wuzup Events in Germany.
Like his star sign, Gemini, he has two personas. As SOTM (Son of the Morning) he plays Goa Psychedelic trance but as Bellzeboo he delivers PsyCore and Dark Psy.
Which Psy side will you decide?


Lloyd Positivist

June 13th, 2012

Lloyd Positivist is a night time / hi tech psychedelic trance DJ who has a deep love for cutting edge psy and a very dim view of formulaic music. He started DJing out at parties back in 2007, landed his first residency at Messmedia and then started playing at all of the UKs top nights, after a while Lloyd co-founded Chaos Theory – a psy trance party held in Swansea which would be the home of DJs such as Psyder and Oddity who would eventually go on to become Loose Connection.

A few years later he was delighted to be asked by DJs Mitra & Ignis to join his beloved Damaru Records based in Hamburg, play at the Juice Bar and be given the opportunity of compiling his own V/A.

Also around this time, Lloyd became a resident DJ at Spangle, which is easily the UKs filthiest night psy party where he plays on a bi-monthly basis to this day.

More recently, in addition to Damaru, Lloyd has joined several new labels – Fantazy Records working alongside amazing acts such as Freq 36, Le Druide, Parandroid & Metaform; Hellchedelic Records working alongside Akes, Mimic Vat, NekroFry & Sykofobi; Woo Dog Recordings working alongside Monad & Psycode and Lunatic Alien Records working alongside Sonic Reaction, Disintegrated Circuits & Apollyon.

Lloyd is available for bookings, would like to play as many places around the world as if humanly possible and will most likely be coming to a party near you soon to play night time psy ranging from the deep and atmospheric to downright filthy hi tech.


TelePathiK FreQuencies

May 3rd, 2012

TelePathik FreQuiencies (Lunatic Alien Records , Radial Engine Tribe, Psyraiders) is Tamir Ruvio and Shlomi Kuan, a New York based project playing psychedelic music since 2010. We believe in a powerful and groovy bassline with a psychedelic atmosphere and FreQuenices that make u MOVE! . Raised on artists like Briancell/ Hux Flux/ Atriohm/Ajja & Evp, helps us on choosing new psychedelic music. We like to have a steady flow of ENERGY through the speakers and keep the mixes going. We are also working on producing full power night time music. A psychedelic mentality = A psychedelic dance floor :::)


Sonic Reaction

April 5th, 2012

Sonic Reaction is Tom from near Canterbury, south east England. He started learning to DJ in 2009 at the age of 20. He’s played at underground parties in London alongside some great acts such as – EVP, Neutral Motion, Psymmetrix, Onkel Dunkel, Dust, Comadust, Peace Ka, Rinkadink, Para Halu, Absolum, Double REL & many more.
Aswell as putting on a few of the Psy-Mela parties he’s also the lunatic behind the alien here at the label 🙂