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July 13th, 2014

ryu xRyuX is the Project of Patrick P. from Innsbruck, Austria, started in 2012. He started listening to psychedelic trance in 2002, from this moment on he got hooked to psychedelic sounds. Over the years the Genre evolved into more dark genres and that made him a regular visitor at the legendary parties in his hometown, Innsbruck.

He’s always been an electronic nerd, and shifted his interest more and more into building music electronics. He started building different Synthesizers to find out how those mind opening frequencies work, that he’s heard in most of his favorite productions. In 2012, the time was right to start producing and DJing to get more connected with his favorite Genre, hitech.

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May 24th, 2014

kayaKaya is the project of Kathrin, from Germany, born in 1987 in the town of Burglengenfeld. At a very early age, it turned out to be very clear that Kathrin’s ability and passion is to create. Being such a productive individual, since the day she tried making music, she hasn’t looked back. This has kept her completely interested in this mind set. Her first ever appearance to perform in a party was in Freqs of Nature early in the year 2013. Her music defines her character as a very happy and bold person who is not afraid to experiment. But she now seems to have hit the spot for her understanding and arrangement of higher bpm tuneage.



May 24th, 2014

KAIKKIALLA1991…a young group of people are boarding along the Swiss alps, when one of them strides off the path and into the wilderness… searching for help, the man enters a cave, his spine shivering as he enters this mystical place, seemingly unvisited by humans in millions of years. Deep inside the cave, he finds a gigantic crystal, filled with all the colours of the known and unknown universe, reaching from the darkest black to eye blinding colours. Suddenly, the crystal bursts open and shatters across the cave, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a cloud of dust, which starts to take a form.. the form of the ancient god Kaikkialla, back on earth after millions of years and intent on spreading his divine message through an auditory medium! The god then took over the young man, back then known as Vincent, and possessed his body and soul to use as a medium. From that day on, Kaikkialla has been roaming the earth, flushing the ears and minds of young souls with thundering basslines and brainripping fms… planting tiny little crystals in their brains as he goes on, leaving them helpless and entranced.



April 13th, 2014

anubisAnubis (Ry Rautenbach), was exposed to the local trance scene at a young age. A combination of countless hours of analytically listening to trance through varied states of consciousness, a vast knowledge of the nature of sound as well as gaining the influence of many international acts brought into the country at the time and a huge passion for all music meant the project “Anubis” was to be formed. Scraping the outer existence of this universe searching for light in the far reaches of time and space… seeking the truth constantly.



March 28th, 2014

Tyamat is a psychedelic trance project created by the combined work of Marcelo Blandini and Alejandro Gavotti, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It consists of groovy beats, cutting-edge synthesized sounds, complex editions and musical arrangements. Tyamat travel across several coloured atmospheres in the search of developing an intense, funny and unique psychedelic sound experience. Beginning in 2011, with hard work and dedication, the project is constantly evolving and growing in sound quality and expression of ideas. At the same time, Tyamat is working on visual material to complete the audio-visual concept of the performance. The content of the visual material is based on the mystics of ancient cultures, the connection to outer space, and fractal visions recreated by digital methods.



January 17th, 2014

I-logic is Chris from France, born in 1986. He started djing after some trance festivals in 2006, and later became a label DJ for Damaru Records. He’s been producing hi-tech for 4 years and aims to create a powerfull dancefloor with a taste of psychedelic. He released some tracks on Caleidoscopio Records and Cryptic Symmetry, and now has become a part of Lunatic Alien Records. He has some tracks being released on various compilations shortly, alongside preparing his live set.



December 28th, 2013

LiinK is a project of Jc Kerinec (Jean-Christophe Kerinec). He was born in Casablanca, Morocco on 9th March 1994. Having completed his bachelor in 2013, now he’s living in France for his studies in hospitality. Before Psytrance music, he listened to rock music and electro. In 2011, he discover Dark psytrance and Hightech psytrance and decided that is the best music in the world for him . In october 2012, he started to produce psytrance music, and never stopped.


Calabi Yau

December 27th, 2013

Calabi Yau is Facundo Melchor from Chos Malal city, Neuquén, Argentina. In 2011 after experimenting into various genres of music he decided to dedicate his full energy to create an experiemental psychedelic trance project, in which he seeks a genuine sonic aesthetic giving place to the generation of soundscapes and delirious worlds.
 In this project the feelings, thoughts, sensations, textures, emotions and colours are carefully combined with thousands of characteristic sound designs and at the same time with almost any musical or sonic element in order to form psychedelic and contemporary compositions. 
Calabi Yau also works in two parallel projects; Oopart (with Ñutram Kalku) and Vushidô, his most recent project in collaboration with Mind Nature, which was born in late 2012.



December 27th, 2013

Yiğit Kizilay is the name behind Shunpo, origanally from Izmir, Turkey. A big fan of electronic music from a young age.
He started to write his own music back in 2008, without having any musical background, but years of dedication
taught him a lot. In 2011 he started to DJ and playing his own night time tunes around Turkey with names like Cosmosis, Blisargon Demogorgon, Aodioiboa. But after stacking a lot of experience, he decided to jump on to the light speed of hi-tech music. After all, when he first heard of hi-tech, he thought “That’s the music I want to write someday”.
And so here we go!


Selective Mood

December 14th, 2013

Selective Mood is a collaboration project, started in 2013 by Timm Kipcak, who was born in 1994 in vienna (Austria) and Marc Schori, born in 1996 in Graz (Austria). Both of them started getting interested in psychedelic music and festivals in 2008/09. After some festivals and parties, and meeting a lot of like minded people, in 2011/12 they started to mix and produce faster music. Finally, in 2013, they decided to connect their work to form a project and to create something new together.