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March 26th, 2015

OshaiiOshaii is the hi-tech project of Ludwig Zwieg, from Schwerin, Germany. He started listening to psytrance in 2003, driven by the thought that he wanted to create his own style of music. With inspiration his father gave him, he started to produce his own stuff in 2007. He’s influenced by many acid and psychedelic-rock artists, using software on his computer he started producing dark-psy under the name “Sirex“. After looking for new ideas, the sound changed into more twisted and faster music. Iit was different from the old project, so the project “Oshaii“ was born. Now influenced by many cultures all over the world and their music, he find himself in this project creating hypnotic psytrance, that sticks in the mind of the people who listen to it.


February 5th, 2015

NapNap, is an experimental Hi-Tech project created in 2010, by Victor Nuñez , from Toluca, Mexico. He started listening to trance & psytrance music, in 2002. After that, in 2004, he decided to start to experiment with some samples and noises with Sonic Foundry, and Music 2000 for the PS One console. Since those first steps, year after year, his technique to compose music has evolved. Now with influences from different music genres, he has a complex method to compose a single track. With a simple idea, he expresses everything that the human being can feel, can touch, can dream & can fear. He expands the mind using different sound environments, and deep glitchy leads.



October 4th, 2014

ZerZER is the project of a hardworking Alien, Miguel Navarrete, from the Sonora desert, Mexico. His journey commenced in the year 2008, as a Dj, when he started playing locally and also around his home country. After playing in plenty of parties and developing stronger ideas for his passion for music, he decided to make and implement his ideas on his own project named Zer, in early 2011. The idea of making his own music, is to manufacture punchy bass lines with complementary break downs, and not to mention the cutting edge leads. His aim is to create a higher awareness of strong psychedelic musical experiences. You have been warned and advised regarding this young man’s passion, Don’t be surprised to see this him blast a dance floor near you. We bring on this lunatic, in our alien adventures.


Inner Coma

September 12th, 2014

INNER COMAInner Coma is a pleasurable psychedelic listening experience project, created by Paulo Goncalves. He’s originally from Lisbon, Portugal . The man behind this project is a diverse freak of music, playing all sorts of genres gives him the extreme edge over the ideas and mentality of a normal production house. This makes Paulo so different with his approach towards his own music production. Not only does he stand alone in music, but he has extensive backgrounds including attending a law school, a sound engineering course along with other more day to day kind of cooking courses. With only a few years of production, he has proved himself to be an extremely flexible artist.  He has had other projects, such as Baphometic Project, Dystopia and has played in disguise in many other names. He has already played along with some of the top-notch acts in today’s psychedelic world. His live set aims to have powerful and hypnotic bass lines, with subtle leads and brain bending atmospheres. His live act is nothing less than having a telepathic experience, sharing these waves of energy with all the listeners from around the globe.  Words fall short to describe this young man’s talent and we, from the Lunatic Alien team, hope that every listener gets to experience the high levels of frequencies coming out from his mind and being executed on the highest levels of music production. The project, Inner Coma, has already released many heavy sounding tunes on different labels and compilations, and we are expecting him to keep on sending those high energies throughout with many more releases and perhaps a mind altering album very soon.



September 12th, 2014

SKYHERTZThe man behind the project SkyHertZ, is Kris Ben, from France. Born in 1995, this young man has promising ideas to venture into the new era of psychedelics. Having started music production in 2011, he is now well equipped and in the right direction with his own sound. Kris has been fond of the higher bpm attacks since he was first introduced to the local party scene in France. His ideas and beliefs with his music are always evolving to give the listeners a fresher perspective of the genre we all love. The local studio he works at helps keep him on his toes and inspires him to keep looking at a different direction. Our expectations from this young producer keep setting a new standard. We are proud, and welcome him aboard to share with us the crazy idea scrawling into his mind, to give the fellow listeners a unique musical quest into the unknown.



September 12th, 2014

LUCID - LARLucid is the Hi-Tech Psytrance project of Shandon Vorster. He’s based in Cape Town, South Africa, and well recognized within the underground scene . He started learning how to produce music in 2002, but only became really serious about it in 2003 and bought his first PC. He started playing at parties, and had my first gig in Jan 2011 at Rebirth Sensitive Productions. He then got signed by Cryptic  Symmetry and played at eight parties for them over the past four years. He’s also played a couple of gigs at beach trance parties. His most recent gig to date, was at Ultranoize on the 28th of June, 2014. His music style & influence can be described as  very technical and complex like an intelligent language in itself. His influence starts from all the good old school artists like the old Dark Soho and Hallucinogen. Logic Bomb and Hux Flux were among his favourites. His influence then grew more technical, and he really got into darkpsy, forest and hi-tech, where his influence varies from Loose Connection, Bombax, and many more other inspiring artists.


Alien Hardware

September 12th, 2014

ALIEN HARDWAREAlien Hardware is Ákos Pecze, a young Hungarian producer, behind the Nasgul and Alien Hardware projects. He’s influenced by the great powers and events of nature and it guides him on hi journey, both in life and music. He’s been producing music since 2009. That was the point when he started to put his ideas together from scratch. His aim is to fill the dancef loors around the world with the energy he feels when he’s playing, composing or listening to music. He would like to connect the minds of the people to the global energy flow. First, he usually sets his act into a deep natural atmosphere, get tuned to it and collect energy.  Afterwards he’s adding a twist to it with supernatural & extra terrestrial energies.



July 13th, 2014

ryu xRyuX is the Project of Patrick P. from Innsbruck, Austria, started in 2012. He started listening to psychedelic trance in 2002, from this moment on he got hooked to psychedelic sounds. Over the years the Genre evolved into more dark genres and that made him a regular visitor at the legendary parties in his hometown, Innsbruck.

He’s always been an electronic nerd, and shifted his interest more and more into building music electronics. He started building different Synthesizers to find out how those mind opening frequencies work, that he’s heard in most of his favorite productions. In 2012, the time was right to start producing and DJing to get more connected with his favorite Genre, hitech.

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May 24th, 2014

kayaKaya is the project of Kathrin, from Germany, born in 1987 in the town of Burglengenfeld. At a very early age, it turned out to be very clear that Kathrin’s ability and passion is to create. Being such a productive individual, since the day she tried making music, she hasn’t looked back. This has kept her completely interested in this mind set. Her first ever appearance to perform in a party was in Freqs of Nature early in the year 2013. Her music defines her character as a very happy and bold person who is not afraid to experiment. But she now seems to have hit the spot for her understanding and arrangement of higher bpm tuneage.



May 24th, 2014

KAIKKIALLA1991…a young group of people are boarding along the Swiss alps, when one of them strides off the path and into the wilderness… searching for help, the man enters a cave, his spine shivering as he enters this mystical place, seemingly unvisited by humans in millions of years. Deep inside the cave, he finds a gigantic crystal, filled with all the colours of the known and unknown universe, reaching from the darkest black to eye blinding colours. Suddenly, the crystal bursts open and shatters across the cave, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a cloud of dust, which starts to take a form.. the form of the ancient god Kaikkialla, back on earth after millions of years and intent on spreading his divine message through an auditory medium! The god then took over the young man, back then known as Vincent, and possessed his body and soul to use as a medium. From that day on, Kaikkialla has been roaming the earth, flushing the ears and minds of young souls with thundering basslines and brainripping fms… planting tiny little crystals in their brains as he goes on, leaving them helpless and entranced.