September 12th, 2014

SKYHERTZThe man behind the project SkyHertZ, is Kris Ben, from France. Born in 1995, this young man has promising ideas to venture into the new era of psychedelics. Having started music production in 2011, he is now well equipped and in the right direction with his own sound. Kris has been fond of the higher bpm attacks since he was first introduced to the local party scene in France. His ideas and beliefs with his music are always evolving to give the listeners a fresher perspective of the genre we all love. The local studio he works at helps keep him on his toes and inspires him to keep looking at a different direction. Our expectations from this young producer keep setting a new standard. We are proud, and welcome him aboard to share with us the crazy idea scrawling into his mind, to give the fellow listeners a unique musical quest into the unknown.