September 12th, 2014

LUCID - LARLucid is the Hi-Tech Psytrance project of Shandon Vorster. He’s based in Cape Town, South Africa, and well recognized within the underground scene . He started learning how to produce music in 2002, but only became really serious about it in 2003 and bought his first PC. He started playing at parties, and had my first gig in Jan 2011 at Rebirth Sensitive Productions. He then got signed by Cryptic ┬áSymmetry and played at eight parties for them over the past four years. He’s also played a couple of gigs at beach trance parties. His most recent gig to date, was at Ultranoize on the 28th of June, 2014. His music style & influence can be described as ┬ávery technical and complex like an intelligent language in itself. His influence starts from all the good old school artists like the old Dark Soho and Hallucinogen. Logic Bomb and Hux Flux were among his favourites. His influence then grew more technical, and he really got into darkpsy, forest and hi-tech, where his influence varies from Loose Connection, Bombax, and many more other inspiring artists.