May 24th, 2014

KAIKKIALLA1991…a young group of people are boarding along the Swiss alps, when one of them strides off the path and into the wilderness… searching for help, the man enters a cave, his spine shivering as he enters this mystical place, seemingly unvisited by humans in millions of years. Deep inside the cave, he finds a gigantic crystal, filled with all the colours of the known and unknown universe, reaching from the darkest black to eye blinding colours. Suddenly, the crystal bursts open and shatters across the cave, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a cloud of dust, which starts to take a form.. the form of the ancient god Kaikkialla, back on earth after millions of years and intent on spreading his divine message through an auditory medium! The god then took over the young man, back then known as Vincent, and possessed his body and soul to use as a medium. From that day on, Kaikkialla has been roaming the earth, flushing the ears and minds of young souls with thundering basslines and brainripping fms… planting tiny little crystals in their brains as he goes on, leaving them helpless and entranced.