Inner Coma

September 12th, 2014

INNER COMAInner Coma is a pleasurable psychedelic listening experience project, created by Paulo Goncalves. He’s originally from Lisbon, Portugal . The man behind this project is a diverse freak of music, playing all sorts of genres gives him the extreme edge over the ideas and mentality of a normal production house. This makes Paulo so different with his approach towards his own music production. Not only does he stand alone in music, but he has extensive backgrounds including attending a law school, a sound engineering course along with other more day to day kind of cooking courses. With only a few years of production, he has proved himself to be an extremely flexible artist.  He has had other projects, such as Baphometic Project, Dystopia and has played in disguise in many other names. He has already played along with some of the top-notch acts in today’s psychedelic world. His live set aims to have powerful and hypnotic bass lines, with subtle leads and brain bending atmospheres. His live act is nothing less than having a telepathic experience, sharing these waves of energy with all the listeners from around the globe.  Words fall short to describe this young man’s talent and we, from the Lunatic Alien team, hope that every listener gets to experience the high levels of frequencies coming out from his mind and being executed on the highest levels of music production. The project, Inner Coma, has already released many heavy sounding tunes on different labels and compilations, and we are expecting him to keep on sending those high energies throughout with many more releases and perhaps a mind altering album very soon.